Who are BOM

Dave “TY” McGurk is a professional footballer for York City, who is only four appearances short of 300 games for the Football League’s most recent acquisition.  He is a centre-half by trade, which is just as well, given his paltry 5 goals in 296 games at York, though he did score 6 goals in 63 games at Darlington before that!

Dave summarises his playing ability as “good in the air, average on the deck”, but backs this up with his playing attitude of “here till I die.”  Around the office Dave fills in his time by asking people to “make me a cuppa;” putting his feet on John’s desk and generally saying he doesn’t understand things before forwarding you the email he’s just got.

One thing Dave is good at though, sadly, is betting.  He is forever at it with his £10 Football Doubles and Trebles, and is now infamous for getting John to put his bets on whenever there’s a possibility they might lose.  At current estimates, Dave’s I.O.U. balance to John is somewhere around the national debt of Greece.
You can follow Dave on twitter @DavidMcGurk5
Or email him here on david@betsofmates.com

Adam Haywood is the glue of the company.  A business development manager by trade, he has proved to be very useful at developing the business.  He likes to use Microsoft Word rather than Microsoft Excel, and has even been known to use a power point.

Adam’s footballing ability is relatively unknown, but always misses your 6pm call because he was “just playing 5-a-side.”  5-a-side is for nippy, skilful players so we’re not too sure about him.  Around the office Adam makes sure that John’s spreadsheets have a purpose and that Dave’s tea breaks are regulated.  Adam is also quite bossy, and imposed a dress code on the first day at work.  It’s because of Adam we have to wear a football kit to work.  It’s OK for him though, as he’s got every Leeds Utd (Boo!) top since Lee Chapman and Carl Shutt were a strike force to strike fear into every central defender, including Dave. (Well he was about 10 at the time)

One thing Adam is very good at is predicting the Leeds United result, he only got four wrong in the whole of last season.  So if you land up betting on the Champo with him, make sure you do your research.
You can follow Adam on twitter @BOM_Adam
Or email him here on adam@betsofmates.com

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