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  • 1 What is
  • 2 What type of bets?
  • 3 Kick-Off
  • 4 Joining Leagues
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  • 1 What is is a sports betting competition.

    Predict the outcome of sports events better than your competitors to take the prize.

    You can play against your mates, against pro footballers, or rival clubs supporters in any leagues you see on the homepage.

    You can create your own private games, to play exclusively against your mates.

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  • 2 What type of bets can I make?

    When betting on football you can choose our "Standard Markets" or our "Extended Markets" games. Any other sports are usually "Extended Markets" games.

    In our "Standard Markets" game, players must choose whether a game will be a Home Win (H), Draw (D) or Away Win (A).

    In our "Extended Markets" game, players can choose from a variety of options such as: Correct Score, First Goalscorer, HT Result or Both Teams To Score (BTTS).

    Each player has 100 points, in total, to "bet" on the outcomes they think will happen.

    In "Standard Markets" games the maximum bet on any one outcome is 40 points, ensuring that at least three outcomes must be predicted.

    In "Extended Markets" games the maximum bet is for each bet type.
  • 3 What happens at kick-off?

    Betting closes five minutes before the first event in the league starts.

    Once a game has started scores become "live" and the leaderboard can change.

    The leaderboard updates as the goals go in.

    If your bet is correct your score is calculated by;

    stake x odds (e.g. 40 x 1.46 = 58.4)

    Once the last game in the league has ended, the results become final and those at the top of the league win the prizes stated.
  • 4 Which leagues can I join?

    Anybody can join a public league. All public leagues are found on the homepage. Use the next and previous buttons to toggle through them all.

    The current prize and the league's host is highlighted in the centre of each league box.

    The cost to enter each league is in the bottom left hand corner of each league box.

    You can create your own private leagues to play against invitees only.

    You pick the fixtures, you choose the stakes, and you select your mates!

    Click here for "How To Set Up Private Leagues"
  • 5 What are you waiting for?

    Registration is easy. You can sign up using your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or by filling out our simple registration form.

    You can deposit at any time by clicking the ACCOUNT tab and following the simple steps. It is located in the main menu.

    What are you waiting for?
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