About us

There's nothing quite like watching football with your mates

BetsofMates.com started as a drunken idea watching the Champions League semi-final in 2012. John (the former banker) bet Dave (the professional footballer) that Chelsea were gonna go through against Barca. Dave gladly took the bet for £10, and as Gary Neville commentatorgasmed™ over Fernando Torres’ late equaliser, John did similar to laud it over Dave. Adam (the adjudicator) bore witness to Dave’s skulduggery as he suddenly had no money in his pockets anymore.

We’ve all been there… (Dave more times than others)

Short of sellotaping Dave’s pockets back together, there was never any danger of getting the money. And we laughed when it was Dave’s round, and John had to buy it for him! Dave then challenged the legitimacy of the bet. Apparently John’s football knowledge was insufficient, given that he once claimed Robbie Stockdale would be England’s Cafu! Adam ratified that given Robbie Stockdale was capped five times by SCOTLAND in 2002, Dave did not have to pay. He also suggested that we create a website that would formalise such agreements, “Cos it would be ace!”

And so here we are today…

We want you to take on your mates, to prove you know more than they do, and maybe more than others too! Here at BetsofMates.com we want to create a social platform that offers you and your mates the opportunity to bet amongst each other for money, and moreso for the bragging rights. The emphasis is on competition more than economic gain. The thrill of an 88th minute wonder goal by Lee Cattermole* to win an accumulator is all well and good, but I’d take a 75th minute Nicky Wroe penalty to beat my mate Guy over that, any day! (We’ve all got a mate called Guy)

The ethos of our entire company is about sharing, as this is the principle element of what we are trying to do. We’re sharing our views, our money and our matchday experience. And trust us when we say this, “sharing is great.”

*This should prove that Lee Cattermole has actually scored an 88th minute winner once.

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