Frequently Asked Questions

1 How do I play? is a single match betting competition, where the player who accumulates the most points over a selection of games upon completion of the fixtures wins. For more details visit the How to Play page.
2 How do I accumulate points?
Each match has odds for all three outcomes, home win, draw and away win. If you think you know the outcome, you can select that outcome and choose a stake. If your outcome is correct you will be awarded the points. The points are equal to stake multiplied by odds.
3 How many points do I get?
Every player, in every game gets 100 points. The most you can bet on any one game is 40 points.
4 Do I get more points if I enter a £5 game, rather than a £2 game?
No. Every player in every game has 100 points regardless of stake.
5 Can I change my bets?
You can change or amend your bets at any time up to five minutes before the first game kicks off. After this time no amendments can be made to your bets, or anybody else's bets. From this time you are able to see everybody else's bets in your league.
6 How do I bet against pro footballers?
There are already plenty of footballers on the site. You can add them as a mate. If you keep an eye on the public leagues, footballers will often be the host of these leagues and you are free to join these at any time subject to sufficient funds in your account.
7 If I win, when will I be paid out?
Winners are usually credited with their winnings within two minutes of the completion of the final fixture in your league.
8 Can I create my own league?
Yes, by all means, you can. You can create a private or public league. Private leagues will only be visible by you and anybody that you invite. You can only invite people who you are mates with on the site. Public leagues will be advertised on the home page of the site.
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